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A very common belief is that women drivers pay less for auto insurance but is this a myth or realty?

After all, why should women pay less for insurance than men? Do car insurance companies discriminate based on gender or is there actual data to prove this?

Fact: Women Drivers do pay less for auto insurance most of the time.

Car insurance companies prefer women drivers not because they generally look better behind the wheel of a car but statistics show that women drivers as a group are simply a lower risk to unsure than male drivers.

On the upside for our male readers women drivers usually end up paying more when buying a car according to Anne Fleming of Women-Drivers.com

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How do car insurance companies measure risk?

Car insurance companies measure risk in many ways. While the exact formula varies by provider there are very common elements used to calculate the risk of driver filing a future claim and when it comes to gender the most important data are statistics behind car accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety publishes an annual report on the “gender difference” between drivers involved in car accidents and the 2009 report proved the following results:

  • Women drivers typically drive fewer miles than men
  • Women take more precautions on the road including wearing a seatbelt, driving within posted speed limits and less likely to drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • 70% of all deaths in motor vehicle accidents were male
  • 71% of passenger vehicle deaths were males
  • 87% percent of bicyclist deaths
  • 90% of motorcycle injuries and deaths

Overall women generally show less exposure to high risk patterns causing serious injury however a very interesting factor was if you were to compare car accidents of equal severity women drivers were more likely to die.

In 2008 The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also reported that female drivers only accounted for 29% of all car accidents resulting in fatalities whereas male drivers accounted for 71%.

There is no doubt that women drivers pose less of a risk than male drivers based on data like above and car insurance companies certainly recognize the risk.

However in some countries like the UK there are cases before the court asking for insurance companies to remove asking the sex of an applicant from an insurance application.

If this happens and gender is removed as a qualifier for car insurance then you can bet the dynamics as we know today will change.

How to get the best car insurance rates as a Woman Driver?

While women drivers benefit from lower car insurance rates there are no ways to identify or choose a car insurance company who provides the best rates based on your gender.

The only way to get the best auto insurance rates is to do the same thing as male drivers and compare car insurance quotes.

While its true women drivers certainly pay less (assuming the only difference is gender) the car insurance comparison search involves more than just comparing premiums.

Your best male friend may get lower rates since he knows a lot more about insurance coverage so regardless of your gender its important to learn about the details of auto insurance so you can compare quotes equally.

Some of the most important things to understand before requesting auto insurance quotes are:

Types of Auto Insurance

Define what types of car insurance coverage you need, how much policy coverage is adequate and compile a list of items you need covered.

New cars generally should have GAP insurance and you certainly may want rental car reimbursement so make a list and only compare policies that have equal coverage.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Understand Deductibles

Car insurance deductibles play a large role in car insurance rates but you must also choose a an affordable deductible. Auto accidents usually happen when you least expect and without money to pay the deductible your car may sit in the repair shop.

Payment Options

Need flexibility to pay by credit card – some auto insurance companies still do not accept credit cards so make sure any insurance provider you choose has all the payment options you need.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Many car insurance discounts are available however sometimes you have to ask to receive. A very good lesson is to educate yourself about the auto insurance discounts available in today’s marketplace and ask any potential car insurer about your eligibility for each one.

While not all car insurance companies provide all of the available discounts you certainly do not want to miss any opportunity to save money.

Consider a Used or Pre-Owned Vehicle

Insuring an older vehicle (even last year’s model) is almost always cheaper than insuring a brand new vehicle.

Most new cars lose 20 to 30% value as soon as they are driven off the lot so buying a used car will not only save you the deprecation loss but also save money on car insurance premiums.

Women are better drivers according to statistics and although few men will ever admit this fact, car insurance companies certainly know this and when they are the ones calculating how much your car insurance premiums are then its the only opinion which really counts.

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