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What are SR-22 auto insurance quotes? The question begins with a misconception.

Those who are required to have the SR-22 form filed with their states’ department of motor vehicles (DMV) are not actually looking for an insurance policy called SR-22, so they will not receive quotes for SR-22 auto insurance.

What they are actually looking for is high-risk auto insurance that requires that the SR-22 form be filed.

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What is the SR-22 Form?

Simply put, the SR-22 form is proof of financial responsibility. When certain segments of the driving population are required to have the SR-22 form filed, they are proving that they have purchased at least the liability coverage that their states require that they buy.

Ordinarily, drivers can present proof of insurance that their auto insurance companies supply them with to carry in their vehicles.

Because some people have become high-risk drivers because of some action they have taken, the DMV will need even further proof that these drivers are covered by a liability auto insurance policy.

Who Can File the SR-22 Form?

The drivers themselves will not present the proof of liability coverage when they need to have the SR-22 form filed.

Only auto insurance companies can do this, and they will present the SR-22 to the DMV on behalf of their clients for a small fee.

What is High Risk?

After drivers have proven themselves to be dangerous on the roads, the DMV may require that they ask their auto insurance companies to file the SR-22 form for them. These are drivers who have:

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Now that people have been determined to be high risks, they will need to purchase a high-risk auto insurance policy.

Because they are seeking a new high-risk auto insurance policy and will also need to have the SR-22 form filed, it has been confused and called SR-22 auto insurance.

The High Cost of High-Risk Auto Insurance

Whatever people call this type of auto insurance, the auto insurance quotes they receive for it are often very high. The reason is that drivers that pose a high risk are more likely than others to cause a collision.

When this happens, auto insurance companies need to spend a lot of money paying medical bills and bills for property damages of the people who were affected by the accident.

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Increased Rates or Cancellation Notices

If people do have auto insurance coverage when they receive the news that they need the SR-22 form filed, their auto insurance companies immediately know that this particular client has done something to become a greater risk to other drivers on the roads.

If these auto insurance companies can accommodate higher risks, they just might raise these clients’ rates two or even three times the amount they were paying before.

If the auto insurance company cannot insure those who are now high risks, they will send these clients a cancellation notice. These clients will need to seek a new auto insurance policy, and they will, unfortunately, hear the highest quotes.

The Length of Time the SR-22 May Be Required

Generally, the states require that people who need the SR-22 have this form filed for a total of three years. All this time, drivers will have their auto insurance rates affected by their need to have the SR-22.

The Importance of Maintaining Auto Insurance with the SR-22

Once the auto insurance company has filed the SR-22, it will continue to keep in touch with the DMV. That means that it will also inform the DMV if the high-risk clients stop paying for their policies.

Once this happens, the policies will expire and the clients are uninsured.

After the policy expires, the auto insurance company informs the DMV. Because these clients may have been required to keep their auto insurance policies intact in order to lift a suspension or revocation, their licenses may be subject to immediate suspension or revocation again.

Become Very Good Drivers

During the three years that high-risk drivers have SR-22 auto insurance, it will serve them well to become the most impeccable drivers throughout this time.

If they can manage to do this, their auto insurance rates can come down after they have completed their time with SR-22 auto insurance.

Until then, they can obtain lower SR-22 auto insurance quotes with just a little effort.

The Way to Find Low-Priced Auto Insurance Quotes

The fact that those who need the SR-22 form filed are also in search of high-risk auto insurance means that people will receive the highest quotes, but they can obtain SR-22 auto insurance quotes that are actually affordable.

Some auto insurance companies specialize in offering auto insurance policies to people who are high risks, and they can offer this coverage at a better price than other auto insurance companies.

One great way to find these companies that have inexpensive SR-22 auto insurance is to use our comparison feature.

People have fewer choices, but using our comparison feature will make it easier for them to find their auto insurance coverage.

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